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Dear Margarita,
40 years have passed since I first met you, but you still remain a young and beloved
child in my eyes. Last week I was in Paris and one night, all my biologist friends and I
got together: Eric came from Greenland, where he had gone with Tara for a new trip to
the North Pole, Moise, Danielle and Vladimir, Philip came from Norway, Bertrand from
Madrid, Catherine from Brittany, Chantal and Monique … and many others, and all of
them –literally all of them– wanted to hear your news ... and suddenly, the time when we
used to go to Brittany… and eat borscht, seemed like yesterday…
I wish you to always be the loving person I met back then…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let’s keep in our hearts
only the best of the past
I don’t want you to cry
Laughter suits you so well
Your spirit is a fighter
It sees defeat as a challenge
Your talents
Are a colourful bouquet
When you fall, you get back up even stronger
You are light in the darkness of life
Your heart is an oasis of kindness

Marie-Christine Bossis